Face-to-face workshops are on hold for the time-being but look out for online movement workshops with Rachel coming up soon.

Living Dynamically: Look ahead with confidence

A workshop to improve your strength, mobility and balance with Rachel Tyler, a Restorative Exercise Specialist and Pilates teacher.

As we get older, one of the things we fear most is losing our independence and the ability to do the things we enjoy through lack of mobility and strength.

In this workshop we will explore ways to promote muscle and bone strength, as well as learn some simple exercises targeted to help you to walk better, restore health and function to your feet, regain lost balance and maintain your ability to carry out day-to-day tasks like shopping and driving.

This workshop is for anyone 60+ who would like to improve their whole-body mobility. Exercises will be modified to suit all abilities.  No prior fitness level is required.

You will receive a free handout of all the exercises to take home with you after the workshop and a foot massage ball.

“I have a problem with my Achilles tendon that every morning when I get up it is numb for 10 minutes and I hobble about. After the workshop it stopped thanks to the stretching you got us to do.”

– Gill


This 2.5 hour workshop includes a handout of all the exercises to take home with you after the workshop and a foot massage ball.

Pelvic Floor Repair: Fix pelvic floor problems for good

  • Do you sneeze pee? Run, cough, lift or jump pee?
  • Do you get sudden urges to go to the loo?
  • Do you think you have a prolapse?
  • Do you feel a constant heaviness “down there”?

Join Rachel Tyler for a 2-hour workshop to learn how to restore your pelvic floor muscles. This workshop is for the young and the old, for the prenatal and postnatal lady and for those who just want to learn how to keep their pelvic floor working well.

Did you know that if you are breathing incorrectly then every breath you take is weakening your pelvic floor? You will find out how breathing your effects the pelvic floor and learn how to breathe well.

Your posture and alignment have a huge effect on your pelvic floor muscles ability to work properly. You will learn how to stand and move correctly and how to adapt your daily habits for the benefit of your pelvic floor.

You will practise lots of exercises all designed to strengthen and lengthen the key muscles that affect your pelvic floor. You leave armed with a daily workout to get a fully functional pelvic floor and keep it that way!

This workshop is for anyone with pelvic floor problems including any level of prolapsed uterus, bowel or bladder, stress incontinence and urgency incontinence.

“The workshop was truly informative and interesting. I’m so happy I was able to attend. I shall be starting the exercises tonight.” – Hania

This 2.5 hour workshop includes a handout of all the exercises to take home with you after the workshop.

Restore Your Feet: Simple steps to foot pain relief

An exploration of how to restore strength and movement to your feet, and how foot mobility affects the rest of the body.

Do you struggle with or worry about:

  •   Bunions
  •   Aching toe joints
  •   Hammertoes
  •   Sore calf muscles
  •   Fallen arches
  •   Plantar fasciitis?

In this 2 hour workshop Rachel Tyler, a Restorative Exercise Specialist and Pilates teacher, will teach you how to how to change the way you move to prevent pain, heal your feet and halt damage to the rest of your body.

Learn how your foot placement during standing and walking affects your posture, what shoes you should (and should not) be wearing and how those choices affect your whole-body health.

Throughout the workshop we will follow a simple and easy-to-learn exercise program, The Foot Gym. This program will restore the function of the underused muscles of your feet and increase circulation to the tight and overstressed tissue of the lower leg. There will be exercises for the feet, complemented by whole-body exercises to help improve walking style and balance.

You will get a massage ball to use and then take home as well a handout of all the exercises.

“I felt my feet weren’t functioning well (ganglion on one and plantar fasciitis on the other) and that specific exercises could help. I had been to Rachel’s classes before and know she is good and with a scientific background.” – Lucy

This 2.5 hour workshop includes a handout of all the exercises to take home with you after the workshop and a foot massage ball.

Walking Well Workshop: Straightforward walking techniques to strengthen your body and walk pain-free

  • Do you hurt after a lot of walking?
  • Low back pain?
  • Sore hips?
  • Aching thighs?

Did you know that making some simple changes to your walking can make you stronger and pain-free?

Walking is probably the best form of whole body movement. Unfortunately most of us tend to overuse certain parts of the body and underuse others. In this two-hour workshop we will explore how efficient and balanced walking benefits parts of the body you may never have even considered.

You will learn about good gait and how to improve yours so you walk in a way that builds your bone mass, tones your core and strengthens your glutes.

“I love Rachel’s Pilates! It’s great that it’s not the same every week as she uses a variety of things to help strengthen and tone different areas.”

This 2.5 hour workshop includes a handout of all the exercises.

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