Prolapse and Incontinence

There’s no need to suffer in silence

If you suffer from stress or urge incontinence or you think that you have prolapsed – you don’t need to live with it. In fact, ignoring the problem and not doing something about it can cause things to get worse.

Pelvic floor problems stem from incorrect breathing, a need to adjust your posture and issues with the way that you do certain movements, resulting in a downward pressure on the pelvic floor area. Your pelvic floor health can be significantly improved with some simple to learn exercises and a few changes to your movements.

I have a personal interest in pelvic floor health myself, after two pregnancy (one with large sized twins) and two C-sections, and a history of teeth grinding (yes, pelvic floor dysfunction and breathing problems like teeth grinding and snoring are very related). I have studied for years (and continue to study and practise) to learn ways to improve breathing, activate the core system and so reintegrate the pelvic floor to function naturally and reflexively.

You are welcome to see me privately online or in person at my studio for specialised care and completely personalised assessment and correction. I also hold regular Pelvic Floor Repair workshops plus all of my Pilates classes are pelvic floor safe and promote a healthy pelvic floor.

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