Gait and movement therapy

Improve your walking mechanics

Fat-burning, bone-building, heart-pumping, metabolism-boosting, anti-aging. As a low-impact, weight-bearing cardio exercise, walking is unquestionably good for us. The problem is that many of us have fallen into bad habits and our walking doesn’t benefit us as it could. Signs of a walking technique that can improve are sore knees, hip pain or back pain, foot pain including bunions.

Gait therapy realigns your body while it is moving, increasing the efficiency and ease of walking (and further to that, running). Rachel will take you through exercises and movements that mimic and enhance the use of your muscles during the gait cycle.

These gait training exercises are designed to help you strengthen your muscles, improving motion in your lower extremity joints, improve your posture and give you better balance. We often find that the painful symptoms people are experiencing can be linked to problems in the gait cycle. Correcting these problems helps the body return to balance and a pain free space.

A benefit of gait therapy and training is that it reduces the possibility that you’ll have a fall due to lowered mobility or instability while walking. Rachel can help put back what is missing and reteach your body (and brain) to use your feet, glutes and the rest of your body well.

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