Resolve aches and pains in your lower legs and feet

The mobility and positioning of your feet determines the movement and position of the rest of your body. Foot problems can lead to hip and core problems and likewise, hip and core problems can arise from the feet. Your foot health matters.

I am passionate about helping people improve their foot mechanics and am constantly fascinated by the impact that freeing foot movements have on mental as well as physical health.

Having suffered with plantar fasciitis and a neuroma myself I know what it is like to live with foot pain. Understanding your issue is the first step and then consistently putting in time for foot mobility and strengthening exercises. Most foot problems are muscular and can be fixed. Fixing food problems often involves rehabilitation to the leg, hip and core.

I have helped people with flat feet, bunions, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, hammertoes and Achilles tendonitis. If you would like to avoid foot surgery and would rather have strong, functional feet I will be happy to help.

What you wear on your feet is a whole body issue. I can advise you on transitioning to barefoot shoe wear.

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