Walking Well Workshop – 11th May 2019

Walking Well: Straightforward walking techniques to strengthen your body and walk pain-free.

Time: 3pm – 5pm
Place: Martin Way Methodist Church, Buckleigh Avenue, SW20 9JZ
Cost: £31.50 – includes a booklet detailing the exercises


Spaces available!



Do you hurt after a lot of walking?

Low back pain?

Sore hips?

Aching thighs?

Did you know that making some simple changes to your walking can make you stronger and pain-free?

Walking is probably the best form of whole body movement. Unfortunately most of us tend to overuse certain parts of the body and underuse others. In this two-hour workshop we will explore how efficient and balanced walking benefits parts of the body you may never have even considered.

You will learn about good gait and how to improve yours so you walk in a way that builds your bone mass, tones your core and strengthens your glutes.

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