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Welcome to my Shop! Here you can view and purchase a space in any of my upcoming Pilates Classes and Workshops, and you can even purchase my branded pilates equipment. If you have any questions, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Live Online Pilates Classes

Restore the natural strength and alignment of your body in the comfort of your own home.
Online Pilates classes are held on Zoom.
When you book your class, please check your booking confirmation page or email for a link to the online meeting.
All you need is two bath towels for the classes to use as small equipment in place of balls, blocks and ½ rollers.

NEW! Rachel Tyler Pilates at Home

Pick and play any one of my videos for £5.99 or stream my entire library of classes for £39

This is the library of all the online classes I have streamed during lockdown – available here for replay. Classes are available to rent individually or you can opt to have to access the entire library.

The class title indicates the focus for the class but all of my classes will give you a thorough stretch and are designed to work on your core strength, stability of your pelvis (hip strength), good posture for better health, your balance and coordination and your breathing. They also help you to learn about your body and why certain movements matter.
For the more challenging exercises I provide modifications in order to help you work within your movement boundaries and help you to make sure the exercise is working for you (and not against you). All of these classes are safe for your back and your pelvic floor.

Classes available include:
– Multiple 1 hour Pilates classes for all abilities, each with a particular focus
– Beginners Pilates Course of six classes designed for both beginners and those looking for a refresh in the core foundations of Pilates and whole-body movement
– 30 minutes classes for a quick and effective movement break.
I will add to the library each week so if you missed a live class or you want to work more on a particular movement or body part click on the link below.

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