Restore Your Feet Workshop – 20th June 2020

Simple steps to foot pain relief

Time: 3pm – 5.30pm on 20th June 2020

Place: Martin Way Methodist Church, Buckleigh Avenue, SW20 9JZ

This 2.5 hour workshop costs £36* and includes a handout of all the exercises to take home with you after the workshop and a foot massage ball.

*Please see terms and conditions for my cancellation policy.


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An exploration of how to restore strength and movement to your feet, and how foot mobility affects the rest of the body.

Do you struggle with or worry about:

  •   Bunions
  •   Aching toe joints
  •   Hammertoes
  •   Sore calf muscles
  •   Fallen arches
  •   Plantar fasciitis?

In this 2.5 hour workshop Rachel Tyler, a Restorative Exercise Specialist and Pilates teacher, will teach you how to how to change the way you move to prevent pain, heal your feet and halt damage to the rest of your body.

Learn how your foot placement during standing and walking affects your posture, what shoes you should (and should not) be wearing and how those choices affect your whole-body health.

Throughout the workshop we will follow a simple and easy-to-learn exercise program, The Foot Gym. This program will restore the function of the underused muscles of your feet and increase circulation to the tight and overstressed tissue of the lower leg. There will be exercises for the feet, complemented by whole-body exercises to help improve walking style and balance.

You will get a massage ball to use and then take home as well a handout of all the exercises.