Pelvic Floor Repair Workshop – 26th September 2020

Fix pelvic floor dysfunction for good

Time: 3.00 – 5.30pm on 26th September 2020
Place: Martin Way Methodist Church, Buckleigh Avenue, SW20 9JZ
Cost: £36* – includes a booklet detailing all the exercises.

*Please see terms and conditions for my cancellation policy.


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  • Do you sneeze pee? Run, cough, lift or jump pee?
  • Do you get sudden urges to go to the loo?
  • Do you think you have a prolapse?
  • Do you feel a constant heaviness “down there”?

Join Rachel Tyler for a 2.5-hour workshop to learn how to restore your pelvic floor muscles. This workshop is for the young and the old, for the prenatal and postnatal lady and for those who just want to learn how to keep their pelvic floor working well.

Did you know that if you are breathing incorrectly then every breath you take is weakening your pelvic floor? You will find out how breathing your effects the pelvic floor and learn how to breathe well.

Your posture and alignment have a huge effect on your pelvic floor muscles ability to work properly. You will learn how to stand and move correctly and how to adapt your daily habits for the benefit of your pelvic floor.

You will practise lots of exercises all designed to strengthen and lengthen the key muscles that affect your pelvic floor. You leave armed with a daily workout to get a fully functional pelvic floor and keep it that way!

This workshop is for anyone with pelvic floor problems including any level of prolapsed uterus, bowel or bladder, stress incontinence and urgency incontinence.