15 Minute Quickies – Bitesize Movement Breaks

15 Minute Quickies – a set of five classes, each of them 15 minutes, for only £9.99

  • Are you finding it difficult to motivate yourself?
  • Are you feeling short of time (even when time seems plentiful)?

This programme of short classes is designed to make you stronger, more supple, more balanced, and more flexible in limited movement windows.

Individual video links to your 15 Minute Quickies will appear on your order confirmation page and confirmation email.


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What’s in the course? 
Five short 15-minute movement sessions delivered straight to your inbox for you to stream whenever you like. Each of the five classes have a different focus:

Upper body booster – upper back, shoulders and arms
Bum tightener – get your glutes firing
Back strengthen – mobilise and strengthen your back
Hips together – alleviate tightness and strengthen those hips
Core strength – get your core system working and back in control

Designed for busy people with short breaks to move and exercise at home in 15 minute quick blast sessions!