Online courses

In addition to my in-person consultations and in-person Pilates classes, you can take advantage of a wide range of courses to buy and use whenever you like.

Fix Foot Pain

The ultimate online program to permanently fix the cause of your foot pain

Fix Foot Pain - Flat Feet

Fix your foot pain, lift your arches and strengthen your ankles


Five 15-minute mini Pilates sessions to fit into your day

Pilates on Demand

Take advantage of my Pilates classes at a time to suit you. Downloadable and yours to keep

I bought Rachel’s Foot course when a friend of mine recommended it to me. I have had problems with my feet for years. They were very painful first thing in the morning and I usually spent the first hour of the day hobbling! I had been to see a few people about it but nothing really made much of a difference. I’ve been doing Rachel’s exercises for a few months now and I also went to go and see her to get looked at in person. Things are definitely getting better and I’m sure my feet look a lot more attractive too!!



The variety, the full-body intelligent movement and the challenge are what make Rachel’s Pilates classes so popular.


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