My Methods

I take a whole-body approach to restoring muscular function. For example, many of my clients come to me with foot pain, and we establish that the problem issue to be resolved is in the core, not in the foot. Likewise, many clients who suffer from stiff and sore backs enjoy significant relief by focusing on jaw movement.

Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a rehabilitation system which focuses on enhancing the function and efficiency of the body. AiM, developed by Gary Ward, a sports therapist in London and author of What The Foot, is a systematic approach to assessing and influencing movement through gait (walking).

Much of the chronic pain people experience can be mapped to problems in the gait cycle. Correcting these problems helps the body return to a neutral balanced state where it can move without pain. The feet are the most important part of this process – if your feet don’t pronate (flatten) and supinate (arch up) as they should, the rest of your body is affected.

Manual therapies can be excellent for releasing tight muscles and freeing up stiff joints for a short time but they don’t show the brain how to move these parts properly again in relation to the rest of the body. Many therapies don’t change the ingrained patterns of how one walks or stands so the same problem resurfaces (or shifts to another part of the body) in a few weeks, a month or even a year later.

NeuroKinetic Therapy®

NeuroKinetic Therapy (or NKT) is a unique assessment technique that combines motor control theory with manual muscle testing to find dysfunctions in the coordination system of the brain resulting from injury, postural stress or poor movement patterns.

Working on massaging “tight” muscles and strengthening “weak” muscles will not change or correct the faulty movement pattern. In order to make long lasting changes to alleviate pain, NKT targets the cause of dysfunctional movement patterns in the brains motor control centre.

NKT identifies the cause of pain and dysfunction but can also correct it quickly and quite painlessly.

Nutritious MovementTM Restorative Exercise Specialist

Nutritious Movement™ is a movement program designed by American bio-mechanist Katy Bowman, MS that restores natural alignment, strength and flexibility to your body.

Due to a significant lack of movement and years of sitting, first at school and then at work, many of us have developed imbalances in our bodies that are creating injuries and pain and accelerating wear and tear of our joints. Nutritious Movement™ is a system of smaller exercises, alignment points and understanding which are practised with the aim of restoring larger whole body movements as well as lifestyle changes.

Katy Bowman sums up the theory behind Nutritious Movement™ in this video.

I studied with Katy and qualified as a Nutritious Movement™ Restorative Exercise Specialist in 2017.

My work is also informed by:

  • Immaculate Dissection (Dr Kathy Dooley)
  • Lymphatic Mojo (Dr Perry Nickelston)