The ultimate programme to permanently fix the cause of your foot pain.

What is Fix Foot Pain?

This course is an online programme that consists of videos and downloadable guides that you can start straight away and watch and practise in your own time.

The benefits of the exercises can be felt in a few days, with complete foot pain relief in a matter of weeks.

This course is for you if:

Your feet feel stiff and sore in the morning and it takes a while before it is comfortable enough to walk

Your foot pain impacts your life and prevents you from enjoying social occasions

You are always on the search for shoes that are comfortable enough for you to stand and walk in

You always looking for somewhere to sit down because your feet hurt

You avoid walking, going out and exercising and are worried you might be putting on weight just because your feet are too sore for you to move much

You wear expensive orthotics but your foot pain still hasn’t gone away

You have tried lots of remedies – ice, supplements, essential oils, taping, inflammatory medications, expensive gel trainers

You don’t want to resort to surgery on your feet

You are desperate to find something that works to get rid of your foot pain and surgery looks like the only option

If you want a programme that you can start and stop in your own time and run at your own pace

Different exercises help different issues.

Fix Foot Pain is specifically designed to fix plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, Achilles tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, sore calf muscles and heels and generally painful feet.

Fix Foot Pain – Flat Feet is designed to fix flat (or over-pronated) feet.

If you have bunions that you would like to fix, look out for my other course coming very soon: Fix Foot Pain – Bunions.

Course price: £67

Fixing your foot will affect the rest of your body!
A side-effect of pain-free feet may be that you fix any knee, hip or low back pain as well, lose weight and feel better.

About the Fix Foot Pain course

This course is a compilation of the exercises that I learned and practised to fix my own foot pain. These exercises are the ones that I since used to help hundreds of people to become free of foot pain.
I have now brought these exercises together for the first time in this exclusive online course.

In this course you will:

Understand the causes of your foot pain so you understand how to fix them.

Strengthen your feet so they can take you wherever you want to go and feel great doing it.

Feel better all over thanks to having feet that feel great!

Be guided through straight-forward exercises in a clear and detailed way in easy-to-follow steps.

Get feet that are pain-free and feel great.

Save money by achieving a long-term fix to your foot pain problems and stop the need to buy orthotics.

Understand why foot orthotics, injections and surgery are most likely not the solution to your foot pain.

Feel like yourself again by removing the pain from your feet – not just today but forever.

Just 2 short sessions each day with these exercises, and some simple footwear changes, can give you pain free feet that feel great.

What Rachel’s clients say about her Fix Foot Pain workshop

“This is an excellent course that allows you to spend some time improving your foot health. Very informative with many exercises.” – Patty

“Rachel explains about the feet and anatomy in a clear and easy to understand way thus laying a fantastic groundwork for the exercises and stretches which follow. Highly recommended.” – Giselle

“Brilliant, life-changing and fun. Do it! You won’t regret it!” – Julia

“If you have any foot pain it’s worth doing this course. I feel I have learnt a lot about my feet and why I have foot pain.” – Laura

“Do it. It’s therapeutic and provides instant results” – Miriam

Fix Foot Pain helps:

  • Relieve foot pain
  • Target the cause of your foot pain

What you get:

  • 5 information videos explaining the causes of foot-pain, why these mobility exercises will remove your pain and how to keep your feet healthy with some simple lifestyle changes – each 5-10 minutes long
  • 8 exercise videos with detailed personal instruction – each 5-10 minutes long
  • 8 printable instruction guides for the exercises with easy-to-follow instructions
  • 8 education videos adding detail to the exercises to help you understand why and how it helps your feet – each 5-15 minutes long
  • 1 foot workout video – 20 minutes
  • A printable summary exercise card
  • Private Facebook group with constant access to advice from Rachel, and your questions answered.
  • Bonus videos, tutorials and tips

How Fix Foot Pain will save you money!

– Custom orthotics cost £160 – £240 + consultation
– Vionic trainers £56 a pair
30 minute foot and calf massage £50.
– Compared to the cost of this course at JUST £67 to fix your foot pain with lifetime access to course content and relief from foot pain forever.

96% of foot pain can be treated without invasive, expensive and painful treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fix Foot Pain is specifically designed to help fix plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, Achilles tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, sore calf muscles and heels and generally painful feet.
Fix Foot Pain – Flat Feet contains different information and exercises specific to fixing feet that are over-pronated (flat feet).
 Fix Foot Pain – Bunions contains additional information specific to fixing bunions. 
Each course is designed to target different foot problems with differing advice, information and exercises.

You receive access to the course content and can get started fixing your foot pain! You’ll also get an invitation to join a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to ask questions and where Rachel will hold regular live Q and A sessions.

If you decide that this course isn’t for you that’s no problem. Just email within 30-days of registering for a full refund.

For the Fix Foot Pain course all you need is a bath towel and a therapy ball. You can use a half roller in place of the towel and a tennis ball can used instead of the therapy ball.

The Fix Foot Pain – Bunion course uses a thick elastic band like a promotional silicon wristband (or one of the wide elastic bands often used to group asparagus and broccoli) as well as a towel and tennis ball.

The Fix Foot Pain – Flat Feet course uses a yoga strap as well as towel and tennis ball. If you don’t have one, a wash cloth or flannel can be used instead. 

At first, I recommend that you aim to do the exercises three times a day. After a week you can reduce this to twice a day. When you feel that your feet are much more mobile and you are in much less pain when walking and standing then you can do the exercises once a day.

The videos and very clearly explained and there is also an  easy-to-follow pdf accompanying every exercise. If you need more help you can ask in the private Facebook group where Rachel will answer questions and hold regular live Q&A sessions.

You can still maintain and even improve the health of your feet even if you have joint degeneration due to arthritis. Improving the mobility and strength of your foot and lower leg will help slow down the degeneration of the joint.

The exercises in this course are designed to give you maximum results in the shortest amount of time. By following the exercises twice every day, your feet will feel better after only a few days. After two weeks, you should notice real differences in how your feet move and your pain should be much reduced. Results vary from person to person. How quickly your foot pain goes depends on how often you do the foot exercises, how bad your foot condition was at the start and on how much you do to keep your feet moving well during your day-to-day.

The exercises in this course are perfectly safe as long as you stick to the instructions given. If your feet are very stiff and immobile before you start the course, they will need some extra encouragement to move and that might feel a bit sore at times.

About Rachel

Rachel is a muscular therapist and Pilates teacher based in Wimbledon, London, UK. She sees a lot of people with all sorts of muscular issues but her passion has long been fixing painful feet and restoring her clients’ (pelvic) floors! Rachel suffered with foot pain for many years – plantar fasciitis and a persistent Morton’s neuroma – but after regular practise of the exercises that you will be able to access whenever you want, and a few simple lifestyle changes, she has fixed her foot-pain and has continued to help hundreds of others to fix theirs.

Rachel runs regular, sell-out, face-to-face workshops for fixing foot pain and has had amazing records of success in fixing people’s foot pain – for good!