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Welcome to the ultimate programme to permanently fix flat feet.

In this course you will learn:

  • Basic foot anatomy and foot health.
  • How your whole-body health is affected by your foot and leg placement when standing and walking.
  • How your shoe choice affects your whole-body health.
  • How to keep your feet healthy with some simple lifestyle changes.
  • The Fix Foot Pain – Flat Feet exercise programme. Exercises designed to restore strength and movement to the underused muscles of your feet, strength and lift your foot arch and stabilise your ankles.

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How to work through the Fix Foot Pain course:

Work through the Foot Facts lessons and the Fix Foot Pain – Flat Feet Exercises over 1 or 2 days.

Then follow the exercise videos to do all the exercises at least once a day. Use the “In More Detail” videos to make sure that you are working through the exercises properly. Remember to spend extra time on the exercise that you find particularly difficult to do!

When you know the exercises very well use the Full Express Flat Feet Workout video or use the Fix Foot Pain – Flat Feet Reminder card to take yourself through the exercises.

Suggested routine:

Day 1-2: Watch the first few videos to learn about feet and foot pain. There are notes to accompany these education videos. This will take you about 20 minutes.

Day 2-7: Watch and follow through the 8 exercise videos and look at the accompanying pdfs. This will take you 60 minutes. Follow through the full exercise videos once a day.

Day 8 onwards: Use the pdf printout and/or the workout video to work through the foot exercises at a faster pace. Do this at least twice a day. Spend a bit longer on the exercises that you find more difficult.

Watch the “In More Detail” videos when you would like to know more about the whys and hows of an exercise.

Watch the last two videos to find out how to keep your (now much more mobile) feet healthy and pain-free in the future.

Before you get started, watch the short video “Find your way around” at the top of the content list.