Change your position often and you’ll feel the difference

Many of our health problems can be linked to being in the same few positions too often and too long. There aren’t really many wrong positions for the body, the only wrong position is the same position you were in before.

Our being in the same few positions stems mainly from us doing only a couple of activities – working, watching TV, driving, using our phones/devices – most things while we are seated on a chair.  Sadly, this excess of sitting starts at school and for many of us continues into adult life.  Eradicating work, homework and school is very tempting but an unlikely scenario. So what’s the next best thing? 

Sit on the floor

The trick for better health is to give your body plenty of variety. When you are sitting on a chair there aren’t many positions available to your body, but when you sit on the floor you’ll find a multitude of patterns available to your body. 

If you find sitting on the floor really uncomfortable then don’t go as low as floor level, use a low stool or a floor cushion to give yourself some lift. Prop yourself high enough so your low back doesn’t hurt. The more often you sit low, the easier it will get.

The following pictures will give you some ideas for floor sitting positions. There are many more sub-positions between all those that you see here.

Again, chair sitting greatly limits your opportunities for body positions. Take away your chair to give your body the variety it craves.

Stand up

Standing desks are also a very good option but don’t be fooled into thinking that standing desks don’t also come with the same problem. The same principle applies when standing, you need to change your position as often as possible. 

If you often become deeply embroiled in work, and then find that you have been in the same position for ages, you could try set yourself a reminder to adjust your position on your phone!


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