Can you reach your feet? It’s one of those “use it or lose it” movements.

It’s a very useful thing to be able to touch your feet. You need to cut your toenails, give your feet a scratch. put on socks and lace up shoes. It’s a movement you’ll want to keep well into old age.

Use it or lose it

This is definitely one of those moves that if you don’t practise you risk losing. Many of the movements we don’t like doing we tend to find ways around. It’s good to try to spend a little more time doing those things our body doesn’t like. Remember that very often it’s by avoiding these movements that you make them worse.

Try ‘reaching to your feet’ as an aim this week. There are lots of different ways to do this. You’ll find some ways easier than others so practise the ones that are more difficult for you to do.  Try not to sit on a chair nor use anything for support but if you have to then go ahead.

What body movements are required to touch your feet?

Loads! There’s lots of balance, hip stability, hip, hamstring and ankle flexibility in there. Reaching to your feet is a very good way to gain and maintain a valuable functional movement.

If you are having trouble reaching down to put on your socks or tie up your laces try the lying down and kneeling versions of the ‘reaching your feet’ movements. Work up to finding a new way to reach to your feet. Practise as many different varieties as you can. Do them very day.

You’ll find that your hip flexibility and your balance will improve. And you get a useful job done without help or assistance from furniture.

Use it or lose it.


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