Movement Therapy

Gain mobility, stability, and strength

Gait and movement therapy

Gait therapy realigns your body while it is moving to improve the efficiency and ease of walking (and further to that, running).
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Breath training

The way that you breathe influences your core strength, your digestive system, lymph flow and your face (yes – how you look!). Improving your breathing helps makes you feel better and will relieve snoring and sleep apnea.
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Prolapse and Incontinence

You don’t have to live with pelvic floor dysfunction. Whether you are a new mum, a not-so-new mum or you have never given birth, I can help.
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Core restore and diastasis recti

I have helped hundreds of women reconnect with their core, realign their posture and correct diastasis recti after pregnancy and birth.
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Foot pain

Having sore feet is not fun. I am highly experienced and successful in treating many foot pain issues from plantar fasciitis to Achilles tendonitis to flat feet.
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The variety, the full-body intelligent movement and the challenge are what make my Pilates classes so popular. There’s a class for everyone. Improve your mobility and reduce pain.
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I was suffering with tennis elbow which would leave me in a lot of pain if I gripped my hand into a fist. I kept hoping it would go away after periods of resting it but it kept coming back. After seeing Rachel a few weeks ago and doing the homework exercises she gave me, my elbow is back to normal. I’m even playing tennis again! I would recommend Rachel to anyone.

I love Rachel's Pilates class! It's great that it's not the same every week as she uses a variety of things to help strengthen and tone different areas. I particularly like using the balls. Rachel always talks us through the different moves and checks we are doing them right. I have had a lot of back problems in the past but Rachel's Pilates classes have really helped me strengthen my core and I have had no back pain since I started!

Movement specialist and manual therapist with a whole body approach based in Wimbledon

I lead a successful private practice, run regular themed workshops and hold popular weekly group classes to help people with muscular and postural problems. If you want to know how to improve your mobility, stability and move better, without pain, I can help you.

Rachel is fantastic. I’ve had problems with my back for years and thanks to her treatment I have been completely pain free for months. I’ve been to see loads of people over the years, physios, osteopaths which have helped in the short term but didn’t sort my back issues for long. Rachel has a very holistic approach to treatments which seemed to make all the difference. I have done muscle resets and she’s also given me lots of advice about how I sit and walk. Highly recommended.

Thank you Rachel. Finally I feel like I’m sorting out problems I got when I gave birth (and my kids are teenagers!). Thanks to you I’m feeling much stronger now.

"I’ve got arthritis in my right foot. I’ve had it for about 8 years. It was affecting my job. Some days I couldn’t even put my weight on the foot, and I had to use a crutch. A friend of mine told me to go and see Rachel. I had one session and now I don’t need [my crutch]. I’m back to normal. I can put weight on my feet, and I can do my job like I used to. I would highly recommend Rachel.”